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I'm a lover of music, especially early, classical and world music. There is a lot of information on the subject to be found on websites and newsgroups, and I have put my collection of links here, so that -who knows?- some others might use it. Practically all the sites contain links themselves and I've chosen not to copy them unless of special interest to me. So, go on and surf!
I've put some sound samples of Corsican traditional religious music on a special page. Listen if you can; they're not your average run off the mill.
Please let me know if you find one of the links not working; click here and send me e-mail.

world picture World music:
Arabic music info source
Corsican traditional religious music page
Cajun and Creole, culture including music
Cape Verdean Music
Celtic music
Coro di Neoneli, Sardinian choir
Cuban Music & Musicians
Dirty Linen Folk magazine
East African music
Eyeneer Music of the World
Fes festival of sacred music 2006
Folk Roots magazine
Irish Roots Magazine
Jammin Reggae Archives
Latin Music, clubs, reviews, artists
Multicultural Media, audio, video, CD-ROM, books mail order
Njava (fantastic Malagasy band!) page
Ud web/ Oud web
Roots and Reggae Concerts in Europe, especially Germany
Rootsworld, online magazine
Music of the Sudan
Swedish Traditional Music Links
Tambora y Guira, Dominican republic
Tarika Sammy, Malagasy band
World Music Charts Europe
World Music Press; Intercultural Understanding through Music
XDOT25; RealAudio Persian and Indian songs

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violin picture Early and classical music:
The Academy of Ancient Music
Gregorian Chant Home Page
Recorder homepage
Arto Wikla's Music Page, early music, lutes

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Music in general:
Concertzender Nederland, Dutch serious music radio station, many more music links
Music Resources on the Internet, links, magazines etc. on all genres
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Newsgroups on music:
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