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Corsican traditional music

Sound samples (*.mp3)

Please listen; this music is little known but it deserves a better fate.

In June 1993 I happenend upon a part of Perti's oratorio Gesu al sepolcro (Jesus at the grave) on the radio. I taped what I could and the pieces by people's choirs inspired me to try and find more. It is chicken skin music (1:17 min.).

There are some CDs with old religious music from Corsica (0:20 min.). It is all a capella music, sung in Latin. The polyphony sounds a bit like that of the Middle Ages.

A Cumpagnia are a Corsican traditional choir. They sound as if there are more people singing than there are in reality. Most work is done by four or five people. I have a tape recording of Missa Corsica (1:08 min.) (anon.) as it is celebrated in Monticellu. I taped it from the Belgian radio. Here are some more samples.

Organ piece (1:27 min.)
Men's choir (1:32 min.)
Woman's voice and continuo (0:58 min.)
Woman a capella (0:51 min.)
Women's choir (1:38 min.)
Men's choir (1:12 min.)

I had to order a hard-to-come-by CD of Perti's oratorio Gesu al sepolcro (Jesus at the grave) from Corsica. On it are examples of traditional Corsican singing by a choir called E Voce Di U Cumune. Here are some samples.

"Procession" (0:56 min.)
"Lamentation" (1:06 min.)
"Agnus Deď" (0:58 min.)
"Perdono Mio Dio" (0:48 min.)
"Lode Deď u sepolcro" (1:05 min.)

CD information:
Giacomo Perti (1661-1756): Oratorio Gesu Al Sepolcro
Direction: Sergio Vartolo
Number: K617001

There is also a version on Tactus 661601 from 1982. Sardinian singer Maria Carta is one of the two mourners there. There seems to be video available too.

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